Housing market aimed at baby boomers stays hot

There are so many baby boomers now. There’s not going to be enough of this product, said Clyde Parsons, a community sales consultant with … …read more

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Pensioners cling to daily tipple as sober young shun drink, drugs and sex

Pensioners are now almost twice as likely as students to drink at home every day as newly retired babyboomers shun health warnings about the … …read more

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Baby Boomer bias on display

The baby boomers demanded a just society, and once they achieved the benefit from such a society, they turned around and demanded that others … …read more

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Will Durst Jokin’ ‘Bout His Generation with “BoomeRaging”

Pete Townsend, Baby Boomer, was talkin’ ’bout his generation when he sneered, “Hope I die before I get old.” Will Durst, Baby Boomer, is jokin’ about … …read more

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Hepatitis C testing offered

Trillium Health will offer free testing for hepatitis C from noon to 3 p.m. Friday at its office, 259 Monroe Ave., to raise awareness among baby boomers …read more

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