Friday Friend Connect/Weekend Hop and more!

We’re going to keep this up through Monday because of the Holiday Weekend!
We have the Google Friend Connect Hop. This week we’ve added the ability to add twitter, facebook, or whatever you want followed.

Because of the long weekend, we thought we’d add an optional comment challenge into the mix.

~ Link to a post
~ Link NOT to a giveaway.
~ Link NOT to something spammy.
~ Can link to your hop.(no, I’m not going to delete your link to your post that also contains your hop)
~ Thanks for the follow! :)

Have fun!

NO PROBLEM! Simply add what you want followed (twitter,facebook,etc) after your name and the direct link to what you want followed- example: (in the name spot) Jane-Twitter or @jane AND (in the address spot)

Interested in joining a long weekend Comment Challenge?

Here is how it works,
1. Challenge yourself to leave a certain amount of comments over the 4 day weekend.
2. Add (to the linky below) a direct link to the post that you will be using for this challenge.
3. Comment the other participants and let them know that you are from the Comment Challenge.
4. Let us know next week in your Friday post how many comments you were able to make.

Tip: Keep a tally sheet next to you to keep track of how many comments you have left.

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  1. April says:

    Thanks for the hop! I created a new site called Blog Hops Everyday and added your button to the Friday list. Please come take a look when you can I would love it if you could help spread the word about this new site. No pressure but thank you if you can.

    A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio
    Blog Hops Everyday
    Review and Giveaway Blog Directory

  2. MomAgain@40 says:

    Thanks for the linky!
    Enjoy your long weekend!
    I’m jealous, we have just a normal weekend ahead.
    But our summer have started in full blaze here in South Africa!

  3. Belinda Revercomb says:

    Stopping by from the Friday friend connect hop

  4. Beki says:

    Hi! I’m you newest follower! You can visit me at

    Beki :)

  5. Xmasdolly says:

    Hi, and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

  6. FollowMyInvestments says:

    Followed you on GFC

  7. Felicia says:

    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

    My blog:
    rachat de credits

  8. Bocci says:

    I’m a new follower from the Friday hop. You post on interesting topics, and I thought I spied some on pets… Check out Boci’s Beefs when you have a chance-we promote pet adoption and rescue and discuss many pet-related issues. We’d love to have you as an official Follower-thanks!

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