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I have to tell you, I can’t take it any more.

We have a heated race for the Governor here in Illinois and both sides are slinging mud. I would vote for the third person just because the top are so obnoxious.

My question for you is, has the political mudslinging started where you are yet? Are you being bombarded by the commercials?

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  1. Stacy Uncorked says:

    As far as I know the mud-slinging hasn’t started here yet – but then again, anything I watch on TV gets recorded on my DVR and I fast forward through annoying commercials! ;)

    Aloha: Haloween Dress-Up

  2. malia says:

    Hi! Following you from Friendly Friday Follow. Would love for you to consider following me back.

  3. Mommies 2 Cents says:

    Following from Following Friday. Hope you’ll stop by soon! Have a great weekend.


  4. nicole says:

    Hi this is Nicole from I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I l love following your blog! Happy Follow Friday!! Have a super weekend!!

  5. Carrie A Groff says:

    Hello! Stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday to follow your blog :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Carrie A Groff

  6. Amanda- The Nutritionist Reviews says:

    I haven’t been too overwhelmed yet by political stuff yet…I hate when every commercial you see is about that!

    I just found your blog from a Friday Blog Hop! Have a great weekend : )

    Amanda @

  7. JamericanSpice says:

    I always turn off the commercials when they come on. I don’t care for it. It’s best if they talk about stuff that the people care about than do the high school crap.

  8. Erin Nicole says:

    Hi! Im your latest follower from the friday blog hops. I know what you mean about the governor race…I live in downtown chicago, and it is getting quite heated. should be interesting to keep following! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo, Erin

  9. Beth says:

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