Things I’m Dying to See Made Over

I just had to share this from And of course I added a few myself.

1. Nurse’s uniforms-If they really wanted us to feel better, they’d stop with the pastel hearts and cartoon puppies.  I’m just happy to be done with those hideous hats.

2. The remote control- agreed- there are too many useless buttons. And what about making a universal remote that really is a universal remote???

3. Airplane coffee- Oprah doesn’t like- I’ll just not try it.

4. State Capitals-  Sounds like a makeover would cost some money.

5. Women’s Halloween costumes- They should just add any female over 12 because all of these costumes are so floozy-esc.

6. Corporatespeak- Huh?

7. Hotel bedspreads- yuck! I just hope they are cleaning these things before I get there!

8. Plastic packaging- aw- who doesn’t like popping those great bubbles?

9. Grocery carts- this one is mine- give me a cup holder or two and a cart that fits around those tight stands at Target!

10. Please, make over your cable line-up. Why must I cruise through blank and unattainable stations to reach the digital stations?

11. Make over every shampoo and conditioner containers and add a pump. Oh, and add some kind of coding to like bottles for us blind in the shower people.

12. Make over those stupid covers on ketchup bottles etc. The ones that you don’t know are there until you go to squeeze and nothing comes out so you have to unscrew the doggone cap to punch a hole in it!

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