Is my marriage making me sick?

I was poking around the internet and this is what I saw:

Is your marriage making you sick?

Sick? What do you mean sick? Do you mean I may have caught something contagious from hubby? Am I allergic to commitment?

Well, of course there is another ‘study’ to get me started…
According to the article, a study from Ohio State University shows just how physically harmful it can be to argue the wrong way. Really…? In the study, 37 married couples were brought into a hospital research lab, and a tiny vacuum device gave them eight 8-mm blisters on their forearms. Each couple was then videotaped while having conversations, and researchers graded them on their communication skills, noting who had distressing or hostile styles of communicating.
After 12 days of blistering people, the researchers noticed that the blisters healed faster on the couples who had more positive communication styles, and the blisters healed the slowest on the couples with more negative styles.

The article gave some tips for limiting marital stress to make you happier and physically healthier.

1. Argue well
Learn how to ‘word’ things basically to not seem to be on the attack.

2. Your spouse is annoying — accept it!
When we fall in love, sometimes it’s for those quirks that later come back to bug us.

3. Don’t yell at a yeller
How true- it’s like feeding a fire!

4. Limit the Greek chorus
As in…don’t go talking about your relationship to your girlfriends. I guess we do that.

While it’s fine to seek support from your social circle, it’s also important to go to a counselor, who will do more than commiserate, and actually help you find a solution to your problems, which might include identifying the role you’ve played in your marital difficulties.

The website for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy can help you find a therapist near you.

5. Recall the happy times
I’m trying.


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